eFax with XMedius

What is XMedius Fax?

XMedius is an electronic fax (efax) solution. Compared to traditional faxing, XMedius is low-maintenance and convenient!

  • No fax machine, ink, or paper required! Send and receive faxes from your computer!
  • No need to print out documents. Attach multiple files directly from your computer to your fax.
  • Optional email notifications when faxes are successfully sent and received.
  • Keep an important fax for your records by downloading it as a PDF and/or printing it! You can also leave notes on faxes for future reference.
  • Need to share a fax number with other members of your group? You can do that!
  1. Contact the TTS Service Desk by calling 617-627-3376 or emailing it@tufts.edu.
  2. Ask for an XMedius efax number. Fax numbers can be set up for individuals or shared by multiple people.
    • You can also determine if/how you receive an email notification about incoming faxes:
      • Option 1 – Receive an email notification with the fax attached as a PDF.
      • Option 2 – Receive an email notification with the date, time, and sender’s fax number, but no attached PDF.
      • Option 3 – No email notification. (Good for high-volume situations.)
  3. You will be issued a 10-digit fax number (e.g. 617-627-8712).
    • Already have an existing fax number? TTS will transition it to the XMedius system and you can keep using it!

For shared fax numbers, individuals who have been granted access to the fax number will still use their own Tufts login credentials to view incoming faxes and send outgoing faxes.

Received faxes are displayed in the Inbound History. All individuals on the shared fax number will see received faxes. When an individual deletes a fax, they only delete it for themselves. Others will still see the fax in their Incoming History.

Sent faxes are displayed in the Outbound History, which is private. Individuals can only see faxes that they sent.

Unless they are deleted sooner, faxes will only be available to view or download for 45 days. After that, they will be deleted automatically.

For important faxes that need to be kept longer than 45 days, download and save them to Box (tufts.box.com). For information regarding what kind of content can be stored in Box, refer to the Tufts Box Use Guideline.