Discovery Public Profiles


The Tufts Discovery site is home to faculty members’ public profiles. These profiles are accessible to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are a member of the Tufts community.

No extra work is required by faculty members to create/edit their Discovery public profiles! All of the data automatically feeds in from Elements profiles.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Tufts username (e.g. jjumbo01) and password. You may also need to complete DUO two-factor authentication.
  3. Click EDIT MY PROFILE.Edit My Profile button
  4. In the profile privacy section, select Public.Profile privacy level
  1. Visit
  2. There are two ways to search the Discovery site for a Tufts faculty member’s public profile:
    • Search by name or keyword – Enter the name of a faculty member or a keyword related to their work. Then click Search.Searching using the keyword "chemistry"
    • Search by Fields of Research Tags – Click the tag icon (Discovery tag icon) to enable tag search. Begin typing a tag. Suggestions will appear. Select a tag to add it to your search. Multiple tags can be selected this way. Then click Search.Using the tag search function
  3. A results page will load. On the left-hand side of the page, you can refine your search results by using tags and/or departments as filters. You can also click on a tag listed under a faculty member’s profile to see more users who have that tag.Discovery search results page
  4. Click on a faculty member’s name to view their public profile.

Collaboration Network Maps show the extent to which Tufts faculty members have worked together on publications. Only publications that are listed in Tufts Discovery public profiles are included. All collaborator types (e.g. co-authors, editors, etc.) are considered.


  • In order to have a Collaboration Network Map for your profile, you must have collaborated with at least 2 other Tufts faculty members. The publications that you collaborated on must be listed in your Elements profile and publicly viewable.
  • Only Tufts faculty members with Discovery public profiles will be displayed on the map. The map will not include:
    • Tuft faculty members whose Elements profiles are marked Internal/Private.
    • Collaborators from outside of Tufts University.

Viewing a Faculty Member's Collaboration Network Map

  1. Go to
  2. Search for a faculty member by name, keyword, or Field of Research tag.
  3. If a Collaboration Network Map is available for a faculty member, a view network icon will appear under their name in the search results page.View network button
    When viewing a faculty member’s Discovery profile, you can also click on the Collaboration Network button toward the bottom of the blue ribbon on the left-hand side.
    Collaboration network button

Collaboration Network Map Layout

When viewing a faculty member’s Collaboration Network map, the faculty member will be appear as a node in the middle of the map. Their available collaborators will be displayed as nodes that are color-coded by department. Depending on the map settings you select, the size of the nodes will represent each faculty members number of collaborations with others on the map, total number of publications by the faculty member, or degrees of separation from the original faculty member whose map you are viewing.

sample collaboration network map



1 Adjust map view by zooming in and out, re-centering, and opening/closing the map key.
2 Map key, with options for Legend, Department Key, and About This Data.
3 Adjust map settings.
4 Click on a node for more details.