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Fields of Research Tags

The Fields of Research section of your Elements profile can be populated with tags related to your work. This system of tags is created and maintained by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Tufts Elements/Discovery system currently uses the 2008 version.

More information on how to manage these tags is available on the Editing Your Profile page. To find the numerical codes associated with these tags, use the Fields of Research - 2008 spreadsheet.

What Goes Where?

Items in Elements are organized into five modules - User Profile, Publications, Teaching Activities, Professional Activities, and Grants. Each module is then organized into item types. For example, the Publications module includes books, scholarly articles, exhibitions, and more.

For more information about how to correctly assign profile items to the correct module and type, refer to the What Goes Where guide.

Elements pulls in data from multiple source systems. If there are data inaccuracies, the changes need to be requested and updated with the source systems. Changes are not immediately reflected in Elements and can take up to 24-48 hours to propagate.  If there are issues with the source data, please refer to the following contact channels:

Data Type Source System If you are a faculty member, contact... If you are a department admin/lead, contact...
HR/FIS data (e.g. contact info, titles) HR/FIS system

A&S: Contact your department admin.

All other Schools - Contact the faculty affairs office at your school.

Contact the faculty affairs office at your school.
Teaching Activities (courses taught) data Student Information System (SIS) Contact your department admins for assistance.

Contact SIS/Course Updates via regular support work-stream



Grant data Kuali Coeus / Research Administration System (RAS) Contact your department admins for assistance. Contact RAS via your regular support work-stream (


If you are a school liaison, or for all other questions about Elements, email:

If you are a faculty member at a school, please contact your local school support.

School Contact Information
Arts & Sciences

Contact your department administrator.

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Contact:
Dental Medicine Contact Nicole Pires at the Office of Faculty Affairs:

Contact the Dean's Office:


Amy Maher, Administrator to the Dean,

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy


Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy Contact Faculty Affairs Office:

For Public Health and Community Medicine faculty, contact

For all other Medical School faculty, contact