Profile Privacy and Visibility

Effective 12/7/21, all new grants that are fed into Elements profiles from the Tufts Research Administration System (RAS) will automatically be set as "Private" and suppressed from Discovery public profiles. If desired, faculty members can individually switch these grants to "Public" in order to make them visible. This change will not affect grants that were fed into Elements before 12/7/21 (except for A&S and Engineering grants, where the feed was modified earlier in 2021). Grants that are manually added to Elements will still be Public by default, but can be changed to Private. 


Faculty members can determine whether or not their profile is available for others to view on the Elements and Discovery sites. They can also hide individual items within their profile.

Two overall profile privacy levels are available – Internal and Public. By default, Tufts Elements profiles are set to Public.

  • Internal – Elements profile will still be viewable to other Tufts faculty members, but Discovery public profile will NOT be published.
  • Public – Elements profile will be viewable to other Tufts faculty members and Discovery public profile will be published.

To change your overall privacy level, click the appropriate option.

Choosing profile privacy level


The About section of an Elements profile contains several fields, include an Overview, Research interests, and more. When editing each section, a Privacy dropdown menu will appear where you can choose one of two options:

  • Match profile level – Section’s privacy level will match the user’s overall profile privacy level (Internal or Public).
  • Private – Profile section will not be visible in faculty member’s Elements profile or their Discovery public profile.

Click Save after making any changes!

Changing privacy level of an About Me section


The privacy setting of items in the Publications, Professional Activities, Teaching Activities, and Grants sections of an Elements profile can be managed on an individual basis.

To adjust the privacy level of an item, click on the Privacy icon (Privacy icon) and select either Private or Public. Items that have been marked as Private will not be viewable to other Tufts Elements users and will not appear in your Discovery public profile.

Changing profile item privacy level