Transferring List Ownership


Transferring ownership of an Elist can be done from the list’s Admin page. Simply add the person as a “privileged owner.” You can then remove yourself from the list or the new owner can do it later.

Note: If you previously added this person to the list as an owner but not a privileged owner, you’ll have to remove their ownership status first, then re-add them as privileged owners. 


Transferring Ownership of an Elist

  1. Visit the Tufts Elist website and log in with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Click on the My lists option.My Lists icon
  3. Click on the name of the list.Selecting a list
  4. Select Admin in the lefthand menu.Admin option in navigation menu
  5. In the “Basic Operations” toolbar, select Users, then Owners.Admin toolbar, with Owners option selected
  6. Add the person as a privileged owner on the list.
    • Scroll down to the “Add owners” section.
    • Provide their Tufts email address and name. You do not need to provide any private information (e.g. phone number, etc.).
    • Check the box next to privileged owner.
    • Decide if you want to make them owners quietly (without notification) and if you want to conceal them from the list’s menu page.
    • Click Apply modifications.Providing information about a new owner

Once complete, the new privileged owner will be listed. The star symbol (Star symbol) next to their name indicates that they have “privileged” status.

Example of a new owner added to a list