Exchange for IOS

This Quick Start Guide features information and step-by-step instructions for using your iPhone or tablet with Tufts systems.

Please note that each iPhone OS may have slightly different menu images. 

  1. From the home screen, tap the Settings application.
iPhone passcode setup
  1. Find and tap General.
iPhone passcode setup
  1. Scroll down and find, then tap Passcode Lock.
iPhone passcode setup
  1. Enable the Simple Passcode option by tapping the slider to switch it on.
iPhone passcode setup
  1. Next, tap Turn Passcode On. You are now prompted to enter a passcode. Enter a 4-digit passcode, then, re-enter it to confirm.
iPhone passcode setup
  1. Press General at the top.
  1. From the General screen, tap Auto-Lock.
iPhone passcode setup
  1. Tap 5 Minutes, then, tap General to return to Settings.
iPhone passcode setup


If you do not have a passcode set for your iPhone, please see iPhone: Passcode Setup before proceeding with email setup.

Please note that each iPhone OS may have slightly different menu images.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  1. Next, scroll down and then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
iPhone Exchange email setup
  1. Tap Add Account. The Add Account screen appears. 
iPhone setup steps
  1. Tap Microsoft Exchange. The Add Exchange Account screen appears.
iPhone Exchange email setup
  1. Tap each item and enter the following information:
    • Email – Enter your email address. Typically, this will be, such as
    • Password – enter your Tufts Password
    • Description – this field will populate automatically with the word Exchange
iPhone Exchange email setup
  1. Tap Next. Your account is being verified. You will be asked to enter additional information, as follows:
    • Server – Enter
    • Domain – Enter Tufts
    • Username – Enter your Tufts Username (e.g. jsmith01)
    • Password – Enter your Tufts Password (this field may already be populated with the password you entered on the previous screen)
iPhone setup steps
  1. Tap Next. The Sync page appears.
iPhone Exchange email setup
  1. Select which items you would like to sync, and tap Save.You will receive confirmation that your account has been added.


A lost, stolen or broken phone can mean the loss of important business data and meaningful personal mementos, so backing up your data before the fact can minimize the impact. The iCloud Backup service is free to all Apple device owners and provides 5 GB (more can be purchased if needed) of remote cloud storage space for backing up Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod files. See iCloud: Backup and restore overview for details and configuration steps.  Turning on the application before something happens to your phone is like getting an insurance policy for your data.

Remote Wipe

A lost phone can also pose a security risk for you or the university.

iCloud allows users of Apple devices to remotely locate or wipe their device.  To activate the remote wipe capabilities on your device, make sure that Find My iPhone is enabled and that your device is password protected (see iPhone: Passcode Setup).

Tufts email users can also remotely wipe a device that's been configured to use Tufts email via Exchange ActiveSync. If you need help with this option, contact the TTS Service Desk via phone at 617-627-3376, or email For self-service, see Remote Wipe an ActiveSync Device from OWA.