Forwarding Your Tufts Email

Generally, forwarding your Tufts email to a non-Tufts account is not recommended for security reasons. In some cases though, it may be necessary.

Students who will be graduating have the option to keep their email address by having incoming email forwarded to a personal account. If you will be graduating soon, you should also forward a copy of any emails that you want to keep to your personal account. They will be deleted from Tufts’ servers after you graduate.

1. Navigate to

2. Select Forward my Tufts Email

TuftsTools page with Forward my Tufts Email selected

3. Enter your Tufts Username and password.

4. Click Login

Log in to email forwarding page

5. In the Modify Email Delivery window, in the Forward My Mail field, select Yes.

6. Enter a non-Tufts email address in the Forwarding Address field.

7. Decide whether you want to save a copy of forwarded email on the Tufts server.

  • Alumni: Select No. Email sent to your Tufts email address will be delivered only to your forwarding address and you will not have an archive of your forwarded email on the Tufts email server.
  • Current students, faculty, and staff: Select Yes. Email sent to your address will be delivered to both your Tufts Exchange mailbox and your forwarding address. This will count against your email quota. Remember to periodically log in to to archive or delete accumulated duplicate emails.
Setting up email forwarding

8. Click Update.