Using Exchange Email and Outlook Web App (OWA)

Exchange (Outlook)

Tufts University's email service is Microsoft Exchange 2010. Microsoft Outlook enables seamless communication among faculty, staff, and students. Benefits include integrated email, calendar, and contacts, generous storage quotas, and the ability to listen to or read Tufts voice mail messages in email.


Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA) Is part of Tufts Exchange environment that allows community members to connect to their email accounts via a web browser, without requiring the installation of Microsoft Outlook.  Access your email, calendar and voice messages from anywhere in the world.

For help with either tool, access the online LinkedIn Learninig video tutorials:

  1. Navigate to
  2. At the top of the page, click SignIn.
  3. Click Sign in with your organization account.
  4. Enter your Tufts email address.
  5. Log in with your Tufts credentials.
  6. Search using terms such as "Outlook," or "Outlook Web App."
  7. Watch the appropriate section(s) of the video.


Setting Out of Office Responses (Automatic Replies)

To set up your Out of Office reply in OWA:

  1. Log in to your OWA account.
  2. In the upper-right, click the Options down-arrow and select Set Automatic Replies.
  3. To access the text boxes, select Send automatic replies.
  4. Check Send replies only during this time period and enter the dates and times.
  5. Compose your reply in the first text box.
  6. If you'd like to send the same reply to senders outside Tufts, select your text, and copy by using Ctrl + C (or Command + C on Mac), then paste it into the second text box.
  7. At the base of the page, click Save.
  8. To return back to your mail, in the upper-left, click Mail.


 Adding WebEx Meeting Information to your Outlook Appointments

If you are going to be working remotely, you may need to invite others to a WebEx meeting. You can use Outlook to send the invitation to your established contacts (and others), and include the WebEx meeting information in the email body.

To add WebEx meeting information to your Outlook appointments:

  1. When creating the meeting in WebEx, check the Send a copy of the invitation email to me option.Send a copy of the WebEx invitation email to me option
  2. If the meeting has already been created in WebEx, log in to WebEx, click My Meetings, and then click the meeting Topic link, and then click More information.
  3. Begin to create the appointment in Outlook.
  4. From either the WebEx email or your WebEx meeting information, copy the meeting link. If you wish to copy more information, feel free.WebEx meeting link
  5. In the body of the appointment, paste in the meeting link.
  6. Format as needed.
  7. Send to your audience.


Creating an Email Signature in OWA

Because your Outlook signature is saved locally, when working from a computer that is not at your Tufts desk, or is not your regularly used computer, if you want to use your regular Tufts signature, you will have to create another one.

To create an email signature in OWA:

  1. Log in to your OWA account.
  2. Copy your existing signature block from an existing email.
  3. In the upper-right, click the Options down-arrow and select See All Options.See All Options
  4. On the left side, select Settings.
  5. Compose your signature in the E-Mail Signature text box, or paste in an existing signature block.
  6. At the base of the page, click Save.
  7. To return to your mail, in the upper right, click My Mail.
  8. To test, compose an email.