Combining and Splitting Items


Because data feeds into Elements from multiple sources, duplicates may sometimes occur. To deal with duplicates, profile items can be added to the Workspace and combined into a single item.

Items with multiple data sources can also be split into separate records if they were incorrectly combined into a single item.

  1. Begin by adding the items that need to be combined to your Workspace. To do this, find the items in the appropriate profile section (e.g. Publications), clicking on the Options button, and selecting Add to workspace. Repeat as necessary.Add to Workspace option
  2. Click the Menu button toward the top left of the page. In the “Tools” section, select Workspace.Workspace button
  3. Select the items you wish to combine by checking the boxes next to their titles, then click Join.Joining items
  4. In the Confirmation window, click OK.Confirming you want to join items
  5. The combined item will appear in the Workspace. Click on the Workspace icon to remove it from the Workspace.Removing an item from workspace after joining
  1. Find the item in the appropriate profile section (e.g. Publications).
  2. Click the Sources tab to open it.
  3. Find the record that you wish to split off as its own item and click the Split button (Split icon). A separate profile item will be created using the information from the selected record. Note that the preferred record for the item will have a star (Preferred record icon) next to it.Sources tab for an item