Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones are located throughout the Medford campus. Emergency telephone locations are marked by blue lights which are always on and in a visible location. Emergency telephones have an emergency button which rings directly to the Medford Campus Police when activated.



120 Packard Ave.

Corner Of Packard And Sawyer

177 College Ave.

Front Entrance

21 Whitfield St.

By Street In Front Of Wyeth House

37 Sawyer Ave.

By Street

Aidekman Arts Center

Aidekman, Rear Entrance

Anderson Hall

Front Entrance, Left

Bacon Hall

Front Entrance

Barnum Hall

Behind Bushes

Baronian Fieldhouse

Back-Locker Room Entrance

Blakeley Hall


Blakely Hall

Back Parking Lot, near Fares Center

Braker Hall

Rear Entrance

Bush Hall

Main Entrance

Campus Center

Back, Nr. Talbot Ave.

Campus Center-p row

Front Entrance, Prof. Row

Carmichael Hall

Front Left Entrance

Carmichael Hall

Front Right Entrance

Carpenter House

Front Entrance

Cohen Auditorium

Aidekman/Cohen Front Entrance

Aidekman Parking Lot

By Fence Next To Track

4 Colby St.

Loading Dock, Side

4 Colby St.

Back Parking Lot

66 Colby Street

Front Entrance

Cousens Gym

Front Entrance

Cousens Gym

Cousens Parking Lot

Curtis Hall

Main Entrance

Dowling Hall

7th Floor - Outside Entrance

Dowling Hall

1st Floor - Outside Elevators

Dowling Hall

2nd Floor Garage

Dowling Hall

3rd Floor Garage

Dowling Hall

4th Floor Garage

Dowling Hall

5th Floor Garage

Dowling Hall

6th Floor Garage

Eliot Pearson

Front Door

Fairmont House

Side Of House, near Capen St.

Gantcher Center

Back Parking Lot

Goddard Chapel

Front Entrance