Add a User

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Grouper URL.
  1. Log in to Grouper using your Tufts credentials. Grouper will open and display the Grouper New User Interface (UI). The information on the screen will include a list of the groups you manage and the folders those Groups are in. If the list is not complete, select the My Groups Quick link from the left side of the page to see a full inventory of your groups.
  1. Click on the Grouper Group you wish to add a member to. In the example below, we clicked on a group called FIN_AllBursar_RW. When a group is selected, Grouper will display the Members tab for it. On that tab, Members appear in UTLN or User ID order.

Example Grouper group

  1. To add a member to the Group, click on the orange +Add members button in the top right corner of the Members tab screen.

Locate the add members button


  1. Grouper will open a data entry section where you can search for a member name or UTLN. When names and IDs are returned from the search, click on the one you want to add.

Search for a user by name or UTLN


  1. Leave the Default Privileges button selected, and click the orange Add button below the Member name or ID entry to complete the operation.

Assign privileges and add to group

  1. Verify that the user has successfully been added to the group by checking the membership list on the Members tab.

Verify that member was successfully added


  1. Allow 10 to 20 minutes for the change to propagate to Active Directory and affect the file share.
  1. Have the user log out or his/her Tufts account and then log back in before attempting to access the folders and files whose permissions are assigned via the group you updated.