Determining the Owner/Admin of a Group

There are two ways you can determine the owner of a group.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Grouper URL.
  1. Log in to Grouper using your Tufts credentials. Grouper will open and display the Grouper New User Interface (UI). The information on the screen will include a list of the groups you manage and the folders those Groups are in. If the list is not complete, select the My Groups Quick link from the left side of the page to see a full inventory of your groups.

Find groups you manage

  1. Click on the Grouper Group you wish to view. In this example, we selected (clicked on) a group called FIN_AllBursar_RW. When a group is selected, Grouper will display the Members tab for it. Members are displayed in UTLN or User ID order.

List group members

  1. Finally select the Privileges tab to see who has what permissions in the group

View who has admin privileges

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Grouper URL.
  1. Select the Admin UI from the left hand menu.
  1. Select Search under the My tools menu that will display.
  1. Enter in the group you are searching for in the search bar.
  1. Once the results display, select the appropriate group
  1. Select View Group Summary from the Entity Details screen.

How to view group summary

  1. Choose Admin from the dropdown and click the Show Entities With button.

Show entities with admin filter

  1. A list of all the admins of a particular group will display.

Result of searching with admin filter