Integrating Jira with Other Apps


The integration of Jira with other services allows them to work together, providing you additional ways to view and manage issues in your Jira projects.

Documents in Box can be attached to any issue in Jira. This will create a link to the document in Box, so if the document is updated in Box, that will be reflected in Jira.

Attaching a Document from Box to a Jira Issue

  1. Open your issue by clicking it from any screen, such as the Kanban board, issues, or plans page. 
  2. Click the Box icon under the issue name.Box icon
  3. If you haven’t previously signed into Box from Jira, continue with Step 3. If you have previously signed in to Box from Jira, go to Step 4.
    • You’ll be prompted to sign in to Box.Prompt to sign in to Box
    • Click Grant access to Box.Granting access to Box
  4. A new panel will appear near the bottom of the issue. Click + Attach from Box.Attaching from Box option
  5. Navigate to your document. You can enter a folder by double-clicking that folder name, or Search in the top-right.Finding a file in Box
  6. Once you’ve found your document, select it, then click Select in the bottom right.Selecting a file
  7. The document will now appear in the issue.Attached file

Removing an Attached Box Document from a Jira Issue

If you’d like to detach a Box document from the Jira issue, hover over the document icon and click the Trash icon that appears in the bottom right.

Detaching a file


The Jira integration for Microsoft Outlook allows you to view existing issues that are associated with an email message, create new issues, or send the contents of an email message to an existing issue.

For more information, visit the Atlassian Marketplace’s page on the Jira Cloud for Outlook integration.

Jira integration for Outlook


Microsoft Teams allows you use the Jira Cloud application to integrate Teams to Jira and view and create issues directly from Teams.

Jira can also be added as an app to a channel within a specific Team, allowing all members of that Team (that have equivalent permissions in Jira) to create and edit issues in a project.

Follow these steps to set up the
Jira Plugin in Microsoft Teams.

Viewing Jira issues within Teams