Jira FAQ


Below are a number of frequently asked questions related to TuftsWork.atlassian.net Jira Cloud.

(last updated April 2021)

At present, all TTS staff can use Jira.

Contact IT@Tufts.edu 

As part of implementing this instance of Jira we worked closely with folks in TTS who had separate Jira instances to understand their needs and make a plan so they could move off their instances and onto the new cloud instance.  If you are presently working in a separate instance of Jira check first with your manager to see if we have been working on transitioning your team to the new instance.  If not, there is a remote chance we did not know of your instance and it is likely your data has not been brought over.  Please contact Project Portfolio Management (PPM), we would love for everyone to work in the same instance to make everyone's experience better.

(last updated April 2021)

Generally speaking, no.  Use is limited to TTS staff.

It is likely that if you are a project manager managing large projects you will likely want to use a "Company Project" (formerly called a "Classic" project).   Contact IT@Tufts.edu  to have a Jira administrator set up this feature rich project.  Also see Company Vs.Team Projects

It is likely you will want to use a "Team Project" (formerly called a "Next-gen" project).  Anyone can setup one or more Team Projects on their own to get up and running quickly.  Also see Company Vs. Team Projects.

Yes. TTS offers free access to Microsoft O365 Planner to non-TTS staff.

Generally speaking, no.  Contact Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and we can discuss options.

It depends.  If you work within a team that has been setup with a Company Managed project(s) and you have been given access to those projects, you will see projects to which you have access.  If your team did not participate in the initial implementation, or if you have not set up with appropriate permissions you may not see any projects.  If you think you should see certain projects and cannot please contact IT@Tufts.edu.

Contact IT@Tufts.edu so that the Jira accounts can be maintained properly.