Connecting Kuali Build to Tufts Systems

Important: Do not create a process in Kuali Build that integrates software managed by University not listed below without buy-in from the business/functional owner of that data. Please contact the Kuali Build Support Team at to discuss your particular case.

Kuali Build can connect to different Tufts systems when creating a form or a workflow.

For example, Kuali Build can pull users or user information into your form from LDAP or PeopleSoft, or you can have a step in your workflow to automatically open a ticket in ServiceNow when a user submits a form.

Depending on your specific goal, granting access to Tufts users or groups to respond to your form or interact with a submitted form (e.g. as an approver) will be set up one of two ways.

  • Who can respond to your form?
    • By default, when distributing your form for others to fill out, the form is inaccessible unless a user is explicitly given permissions. You can grant access for specific Tufts individuals or groups of Tufts individuals (such as the Arts & Sciences faculty) on the Permissions screen. See Configuring Access to Your Kuali Build App.
  • Who will interact with a submitted form?

Note: To ensure only Tufts users can see Tufts information, data lookup gadgets described in this section cannot be used if you have your form configured to be taken anonymously.

You can pull Tufts users, groups, or department information into your form for questions or as read-only information. For example, you can create a question in your form to identify specific Tufts users as research colleagues or have Kuali Build display an individual’s supervisor.

 You'll create questions that connect to Tufts systems or display read only user information

You’ll connect to Tufts information using data lookup gadgets in your form. The three data lookup gadgets are:

  • Data Lookup (Single Item). This gadget is a read only gadgets that looks up and displays the username of a user in the form or their supervisor. For example,
      You can pull the UTLN of a supervisor to display on the form
  • The Data Lookup (List) and Data Lookup (Multiselect) are question gadgets that display a list of choices for the user to choose from.
     You can create a question that selects users

When configuring a data lookup gadget, you will need to choose the data source, or where Kuali Build should look for information. Lists of Tufts users, Tufts departments, etc. are already set up in Kuali Build for you – you just need to connect your gadget to it.

For example, let’s add a Data Lookup (List) gadget to our form so our user can choose a single item from a dropdown list.

  1. We’ll drag and drop the Data Lookup (List) gadget from the left panel to our form.
    data lookup gadgets are in the bottom of the left panel 
  2. We’ll write our question in the gadget label; then, under Data Source, select Choose.
    Configure the gadget as normal 
  3. For a data source, choose whichever suits your needs. For this example, we’ll choose Kuali Data, then Users. Different gadgets have different data source options.
     You can choose external or Kuali data for most gadgets.
  4. Kuali Build tells us there is no additional required field setup needed for this data source, so we’ll click Continue.
     Continue appears on the right
  5. The data source will appear in the gadget setup.
     Data source is under the gadget name
  6. We’re done! If we preview the form, we can click in this question field to choose from a list of Tufts users.
    Clicking the question brings up the user dropdown

The data source options for different gadgets will change depending on the gadget and the permissions that you have.

Some data sources will require that you enter a UTLN and prompt you for more information. For example, we can configure a Data Lookup (Single Item) gadget to look up a user’s supervisor:
  Some gadgets display a UTLN

  1. When we configure the data source to choose HRMS_getSupervisorInfo, Kuali Build informs us that more information is needed.
     A Kuali Build warning appears on the right of the data source if configuration is needed
  2. When we click Continue, the data configuration panel prompts us for the UTLN (username) of the employee.Kuali Build gives us choices of a fixed value or looking in the form
    • You can enter a Fixed Value:
        You can type in a UTLN to always use
    • Or, you can choose From data in this form and choose where in the form Kuali Build can find the employee’s UTLN.
      Tip: “Submitter – Username” will choose the user who submitted the form.
      You can choose from a long list of questions and metadata in the form for Kuali Build to find the UTLN 

Tip: You can use questions as data sources for other questions! Experiment to configure multiple advanced gadgets that interact with each other and build complex layers of pulling Tufts information. For example, use a Data Lookup (List) gadget to have the form respondent choose a Tufts user, then use a Data Lookup (Single Item) gadget to display the supervisor of the chosen Tufts user.

Integration with ServiceNow or Salesforce is only available for some departments at Tufts, and the appropriate business/functional owners of either should be contacted if you plan to do so.

  • For ServiceNow (a.k.a. TechConnect), you'll need to work with Tufts Technology Services.
  • For Salesforce HR and Finance related processes, you'll need to work with Tufts Support Services.

If you need your Kuali Build app to integrate with either service, please contact to get started.

When setting up an integration that will send information to an API, you’ll likely want to change the JSON key that the outgoing data is identified by.

Important: Changing this after an app is published can affect the functionality of your integration. Before setting up your integration, map out your app, workflow, and expected integrations and configuration requirements.

  1. Navigate to the Form section of your app.
     Form is the second option in the top menu
  2. Click a gadget whose JSON key you'd like to change.
    A Data Lookup Gadget named Data Lookup
  3. Near the bottom of the configuration panel on the right, toggle on Custom column name and enter the name you’d like to appear on the Document List.
    The toggle is enabled when it is filled and dark blue

To see more information on Kuali Build and APIs, you can look at Kuali Build’s Developer documentation.