Leaving Tufts?


If you are leaving Tufts, please take steps to ensure day-to-day work can continue smoothly after your departure. This may include granting continued access and management of certain digital resources to others, deleting unnecessary files, and more.

If you have any questions or concerns, consult with your manager or reach out the TTS Service Desk (it@tufts.edu).

General Recommendations

  • Make a list of the IT services you use at Tufts – Box, Qualtrics, etc. to ensure you address all of them before you go.
  • If necessary, consult with Tufts Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) about the handling of items that are considered university records.
  • Export personal content to personal (non-Tufts) accounts, then delete them from your Tufts accounts.
  • Delete anything that will NOT be needed by you, coworkers, or the University after you leave and is NOT considered university records.
  • Transfer ownership of content to the appropriate people as required for ongoing work. See the sections below for more information.
    • Keep security in mind! Only transfer ownership to individuals who are SUPPOSED to have it and make sure they are aware of the transfer.

Click on the links below to learn more about transferring ownership of content associated with each service. Please note you will NOT have access to these services (or the files/data in them) once your account is expired.

During your time at Tufts, you may have incorporated various applications into your work that required personal accounts not managed by Tufts Technology Services. Similarly, your department may use unique applications that are not used by the rest of University.

Please take time to consider these applications and if there are things that you need to share or transfer before you leave.

If you have any devices that were provided to you by Tufts University (laptops, webcams, microphones, keyboards, etc.), please speak with your manager about returning those before you leave.