MATLAB Campus License

Tufts University has a MATLAB Campus License which provides for installation of MATLAB software and associated Toolboxes on faculty, staff, student and institutional computers. 

The list of toolboxes can be found on MathWorks website. Note that our license does not include some products that are specific to commercial customers (i.e. DO Qualification Kit, IEC Certification Kit).


Install MatLab on your Computer

  1. Go to the Tufts MathWorks Log In Page.
  2. Log in with Tufts User Name and Tufts Password.StudentLogin
  3. You can login with your MATLAB account, or if you don't have one you will be re-directed to the MathWorks Account Creation page.StudentProfileCreation
  4. Complete the requested fields in the Account Creation page.  (Note: Your email address must be your email address.)
  5. Click Create.

You will be re-directed to the downloads page.


Downloading MATLAB to your Computer

  • For instructions on downloading MATLAB to your Computer, go to the MathWorks Installation Guide. Note: At the end of the installation process, once you have completed Step 10 and click Next you will be directed to a confirmation window.  Click Finish to complete installation and activation.


Reactivation (Renew Existing License)

In order to keep using MATLAB for another year you will need to update your license file.

  1. Open MATLAB (If the license has already expired the activation client will launch and you can skip the next step)
  2. Navigate to Help Menu > Licensing > Activate Software
  3. Choose to Activate using Internet (if there are no firewalls blocking it)
  4. During activation, you will first be asked to log in with your MathWorks Account credentials.
  5. Next you will see the TAH license. After selecting the TAH license, a message will be presented with a Click here link that will redirect you to log in with your Tufts credentials.
  6. After providing your Tufts credentials (which will be verified), continue on to complete the activation.
  7. Once reactivated you will need to restart MATLAB for it to update

Note: If the installation has already expired, you will be prompted to activate when attempting to launch MATLAB