Creating and Uploading Files and Folders

You can create new files and folders right from the SharePoint website. You can also upload files and folder from your computer to SharePoint.

Before you can create or add a file or document to SharePoint, you have to first navigate to where SharePoint should store that specific file or folder. Files and folders in your site are stored and organized into Document Libraries. SharePoint sites are created with a default document library called Documents. To get there, click Documents in either the left side menu on a team site or the top menu on a communication site.
Click Documents to view, edit, and manage files and folders on your site.

SharePoint helps you and your team organize files in your site by allowing you to create document libraries, which are file directories that don’t overlap. By default, SharePoint sites have a single document library to store files.

For example, you might have a team site with your direct team members and be working on multiple distinct projects, such as managing the 2022 budget and reworking your biology course for the upcoming semester. You can set up two separate document libraries to create, upload, and edit the relevant files and folders. This way, your files remain separated without needing to create a second site.

SharePoint sites include a main document library by default, which is the Documents link in the menu. You can add optionally additional document libraries to a site as needed.

To access files and folder in a document library, click the link to the appropriate library in the site menu. By default, all document libraries created on your site appear as links in the site menu, which is on the left of a team site and at the top on a communication site.

Member created document libraries appear in the menu as they are created and named

Uploading an item means that you are adding it TO this SharePoint document library FROM an outside source, such your computer’s desktop. If you need to upload a very large number of files, it is recommended that you do so in batches.

Be careful about what you upload and where you upload it to! Any items that you upload to a document library will automatically adopt the sharing settings of the folder that you place them in.

  1. When you are in any folder in a document library, there will be an Upload button located near the top of the page that will allow you to upload files, documents, and folders.
    Upload is next to New
  2. Click on the Upload button. A dropdown menu will appear for you to choose what you're uploading.
    You can upload files, a folder, or a template.
  3. Navigate to the file or folder that you want to upload, and select it.
  4. Click Open. The file/folder you selected will be imported into Box.
  1. When you are in any folder in a document library, there will be a New button located near the top of the page that will allow you to create new items.
    New is right before Upload
  2. Click on the New button. A dropdown menu will appear with available options. You can create a new folder, a Microsoft Word document, a OneNote notebook, a link to an outside website, etc.
    Clicking new creates a dropdown with folder as the first option, then different file types
  3. Select the type of item you would like to create.
  4. If you chose a file, it will open in the online version of the appropriate application. For example, creating a new PowerPoint presentation will open PowerPoint online.
    Online applications open in a new browser tab
  5. To rename your new file, in the top left of the screen, click the dropdown arrow next to the Saved status.
    The Saved dropdown is to the right of the switch application menu
  6. In the panel that appears, replace the default name with your desired file name.
    Enter a name. The file type is appended automatically
  7. Your new file name will autosave. You’re done!