Deleting a SharePoint Site

Deleting a SharePoint site will delete the website and everything within it, including:

  • Document libraries and files.
  • Lists and list data.
  • Site settings and history.
  • Any subsites and their contents.

Why would you delete a site? A common reason is if your project ends and you no longer need that site or its contents.

When you delete a site that is not connected to Microsoft Teams, you have 93 days before it is deleted permanently. When you delete a site that is connected to Microsoft Teams, you have 30 days before it is permanently deleted.

There are several steps to take before deleting a site.

  1. If there are any other site members, notify them so they can move any data this wish to keep to another location. Wait for a confirmation from each member that you can delete the site.
  2. If there are view-only users to the site or content stored in the site, let them know the site will be deleted and the links to the site will no longer work.
  3. Check for subsites. If there are subsites, they will be deleted, too, as well as all of their contents. Notify any members and view-only users of subsites before deleting your site. To check for subsites, click Site Contents in the left sidebar, then Subsites.
    Clicking Site Contents in the left menu brings up a new page to then select subsites

After making sure that no one is using the site anymore (if team site, then including other apps) and its subsites, then you can safely delete it from SharePoint.

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site you wish to delete.
  2. In the top left, click on the Gear icon to access the Settings menu.
    Settings is right before the help link in the top menu.
  3. Click on Site information.
    Site Information is the fourth item in the settings menu under SharePoint
  4. A panel with site information appears on the right. Click on Delete site button near the bottom.
    Delete site is one of the last links on the page
  5. A box will appear with a warning. Check the box certifying that you are certain you wish to delete the site.
    A warning panel appears alerting you to back up all site content you wish to keep.
  6. Click Delete.

Only SharePoint administrators can restore a site. If you need a SharePoint site restored, email