The SharePoint Start Page

When you log in to Microsoft SharePoint, you will be on the main Start page. Here is a breakdown of the screen:

Left sidebar has switching to a different Microsoft app and a side menu. Main screen show sites you follow and frequently visit.

The side menu is a constant presence regardless of what page in SharePoint you are on. You can click an icon link to quickly navigate around SharePoint. There are four icon links in the side menu:

The Main Start Page

The first icon, a house, will take you to the Start Page, which is the home screen you land on when you first log into SharePoint.

First left side menu item takes you to the start page.

My Sites

The second icon, a globe, opens a side panel listing Sites you frequently visit and Sites you follow.

Second left side menu item is My Sites and shows a list of sites you follow and sites you frequently visit

My News

The third icon, a newspaper, opens a side panel with recent news. Members of your SharePoint sites can create news posts which everyone on the site can see.

Clicking the third link in the left sidebar shows recent news and site updates.

My Files

The fourth and final icon, a sheet of paper, opens a side panel with your recent documents, regardless of which site they are a part of. Underneath the name of the file will be the site the file is in and the owner of the file.

Last left side menu item is My Files shows a list of all of your recent files.