Hosting a Meeting


With Microsoft Teams, you can schedule meetings and invite people in advance. You can also launch instant meetings in a variety of ways.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate team channel.
  2. In the Posts tab, click into the meeting dropdown menu and select Schedule a meeting.schedule a meeting option for a team channel


  3. A scheduling form will load.Scheduling form for a meeting
    • Give the meeting a short, descriptive title.
    • To invite participants, type their names or email addresses in the required attendees field. Suggestions will appear from the Tufts Directory. (To invite participants whose attendance is not required, click the Optional button. A separate field will appear.)
    • Select start and end dates/times for your meeting.
      Tip: Click the Schedule Assistant tab toward the top of the page to check the availability of your participants. If necessary, the meeting date/time and participants can be changed from here. When you are done, click back into the meeting Details tab.
      scheduling assistant
    • (Optional) Set a recurrence pattern for your meeting. Options include every weekday, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
    • (Optional) Add a Channel if you’d like information about your meeting to be posted there. When you click into the Channel field, a dropdown menu will appear where you can browse all of your Teams and their Channels. Click on a Channel to add it.
    • (Optional) Add a location. For example, if some attendees will be gathering in a specific location, you can list it here. Otherwise, leave it blank or simply write “Teams” if everyone will be meeting virtually.
    • (Optional) Provide additional details, including an agenda, links to important documents, etc.
  4. Click Send toward the top right of the page. A meeting will be scheduled in Teams and placed on your calendar.
  5. To make changes to your meeting, find the meeting, click the options button, and select Edit meeting details. A page will open where you can edit meeting details and options, view RSVPs, and more.edit meeting details


  1. Navigate to the appropriate team channel.
  2. In the Posts tab, click into the meeting dropdown menu and select Meet now.Meet now
  3. A window will load where you can give the meeting a title and adjust audio/video settings. When you are ready, click Join now.joining meeting
  4. The meeting window will launch.
  5. Once the meeting has started, Team members will also see that the meeting is happening directly in the channel. They can click Join to about instant meeting
  1. Select Chat from the left sidebar.Chat icon
  2. Open an existing chat or start a new one.
  3. To start a virtual meeting, click the Call button toward the top right of the window and select Video or Audio call.Launching a call from a Chat
  4. A meeting will launch with the people involved in the chat. Once the virtual meeting is open, additional attendees can be invited from the People panel.