In-Meeting Controls


During virtual Teams meetings, settings and features can be accessed from the meeting toolbar and various panels. 

meeting window


Audio and video settings can be managed from the meeting toolbar.

  • Click the camera icon (camera icon) to toggle video on/off.
  • Click the microphone icon (microphone icon) to mute/unmute audio input.
  • To change devices selected for audio and video, click the More actions icon (more options button) and select Device settings. A panel will open to the right where different cameras, speakers, and microphones can be selected.Device settings option

Click on the People icon in the meeting toolbar to open the People panel.

people panel

From the People panel, meeting Attendees can:

  • View all of the participants who are currently in the meeting
  • Raiser/lower their own hands

From the People panel, the Organizer of the meeting can:

  • View all participants who are currently in the meeting.
  • Raiser/lower their own hand and lower Attendees’ hands
  • Manage meeting options
  • Download an attendance report for the meeting.
  • Invite new people directly to the meeting or copy the invitation link.
  • Manage participant audio and rolesAttendee options

Click on the Chat icon in the meeting toolbar to open the Chat panel.

chat panel

In the Chat panel, participants can send text-based messages to the whole group, upload files, and more. Participants can edit and delete their own messages from the chat panel. They can also react to each other’s messages by hovering their mouse over a message and selecting one of the available emojis


Click the Share icon in the meeting toolbar. A panel will open with options to choose from, including available display(s), specific applications, or a whiteboard. Click one of the options to select it.

Share menu
  • Once something is selected for sharing, the meeting window will minimize.
  • A small meeting control window will appear on your screen which allows you to return to the meeting window (call screen), manage your audio and video, stop your screen sharing, or end the call.Meeting control window that appears when sharing content


Click the More icon in the meeting toolbar and select Record and transcribe, then Start recording.

start recording

For more information, visit the Microsoft 365 Support page about recording a meeting in Teams.