Transferring Team Ownership


To transfer ownership of a team, simply give one of your teammates the role of “Owner." A single team can have multiple owners, if necessary. You can then demote yourself to a team "Member" or remove yourself from the team completely. Another team owner can also do this for you at a later time.


Additional Notes

  • Making someone an owner automatically makes them an owner of the associated SharePoint site, including all of the files and folders in the document library.
  • If you then demote yourself to “member” on the team, you are also demoted to member over on the SharePoint site.


Transferring Team Ownership

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Teams website or desktop application with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Find the team, click the Options button, and select Manage team.Manage team option
  3. Change the team member’s role to Owner.changing team owner
    Once the other person has been granted the Owner role, you can stay on as an owner, demote yourself to Member, or remove yourself from the team completely.