Scheduling Assistant


The Scheduling Assistant is used to find the best possible meeting time for you and your attendees. It works by previewing attendees’ Tufts Outlook calendars so you get a sense of when people are probably available. Once you find a good time, you send an invite!

Example of Scheduling Assistant window. Previews of Tufts Outlook calendar availability displayed while non-Tufts calendars are not available.


  • By default, Tufts Outlook calendars are set up so that you can preview an individual’s general availability (available, tentative, busy), but not the details of their calendar events.
  • The Scheduling Assistant is less useful for attendees who…
    • do NOT have Tufts Outlook calendars.
    • have Tufts Outlook calendars, but don’t keep them up-to-date.
  1. Visit the Outlook web client and log in with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Go to your calendar.
  3. Click New event. A new event window will open.
  4. Give your event a title.
  5. Input required and optional attendees as necessary.
  6. Click Scheduling Assistant in the top menu.
  7. A window will open with a preview of your calendar, along with those of your required and optional attendees.
  8. Scroll through and click on time that works for everyone. If you can’t find a time that works for everyone, pick one that works for as many people as possible, particularly the people who are most critical for the meeting.
  9. Adjust the meeting duration as necessary.
  10. Click on Event in the top menu.
  11. Fill in additional event details – agenda, virtual meetings links, etc.
  12. When you’re ready, click Send.