Checking PDF Accessibility

This section describes how to check that your PDF is digitally accessible, which is a requirement by Tufts Policy. Refer to the AccessTufts page on Digital & Web Accessibility to learn more.

1. In the left-hand toolbar, click the Checkmark to open the Compliance Panel.

Compliance checkmark icon in left-hand menu

Note: If you don’t see the Compliance panel checkmark, search for the Compliance tool in the top right of the Power PDF window. The Compliance panel will open.

Searching for Compliance tool

2. In the Compliance panel, click the options Gear and ensure Accessibility is selected.

Selecting Accessibility from the Compliance menu

3. Click the Start Check icon.

Start compliance check icon

4. In the Accessibility Checker Options panel, set any specific checks you’d like. The default category of Document with all options checked is best. Click OK to run the check.

Accessibility Checker Options menu

5. The Compliance panel will update with all items that were checked, grouped into categories like Document and Page Content. Any categories listed in bold with a number of outstanding issues next to it has issues you’ll need to fix.

Compliance report

6. Click the Expand icon next to any category to see a list of specific issues.

Expanded accessibility compliance report

7. Any issues listed that say Passed can be safely skipped. No action is needed for them.

8. Any issues that say Failed need to be addressed. Right-click the issue and select Fix, then follow any prompts that appear. Most issues will be resolved automatically.

Fixing a failed compliance issue

9. For any issue that says Needs Manual Check, Power PDF has flagged it as potentially an issue but needing manual review. Look at the issue. If the issue is not a problem, right-click and choose Pass. Otherwise, edit the PDF appropriately; once the issue is resolve, right-click the issue and select Pass.

Needs manual check message on compliance report


Note: Image Alt Text can only be edited on tagged images. Be sure to first run an accessibility check on the PDF, as described in the previous section. Then, in the Documents category, right-click on "Tagged PDF" and choose "Fix" if it failed. This may take a few minutes. Once the PDF is tagged, follow the steps below to edit an individual image's alt text.

Fixing PDF tagging from the accessibility compliance checker

Editing Image Alt Text

1. Click Edit in the top menu. Tools for editing the PDF will be displayed in the top ribbon.

2. Select the Edit Object tool, located in the Modify section. More object editing options will appear in the top ribbon.

Edit Object tool

3. Click on the image in the PDF, then right-click on the image to open the options menu.

Accessing image properties

4. Select Properties to open the Object Properties panel, then click on the Tag section of the Object Properties panel.

Object properties window

5. In the Alternate Text section, add short text describing the content and function of the image.

Editing alternate text for an image

6. Click Close to close the Object Properties panel. The alternate text will be saved. 

1. Click the File tab in the top menu.

File tab in top menu

2. In the Properties panel on the right side of the screen, double-click on the Title field.

PDF Title field

3. Edit the title to be short, distinct, and descriptive, such as “Tufts Fact Book”.

4. Click the Back arrow in the top left side panel. The new title will automatically save, and you will return to PDF view.

Back button to return to PDF view