Combining PDFs

This section describes how to to combine multiple files into a single new PDF file.

Note: When creating a new combined PDF file using these steps, the original source files do not themselves have to be PDFs. The source files can be Word documents, PowerPoints, etc. 

1. Click the Home tab in the top menu.

2. Select the Combine Files tool, located in the Create section.

Combine Files button

3. A Create PDF window will open. Click the Add button.

Adding PDFs to combine

4. A file manager window will open. Navigate to one of the files you want to combine and click Open.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every file you want to combine. You can also change the order in which the files will be placed by selecting files from the list and using the Up and Down buttons.

6. Click the Start PDF Creation button (Start PDF Creation button).

Start PDF creation

7. A window will open where you can name your new file and select the location to save it to.

8. Click Save. Creation of the new file may take several minutes.

9. When file creation is done, the new PDF file will automatically open in Power PDF for you to view.