Commenting on a PDF

This section contains directions for adding and managing comments on a PDF. 

1. Click the Comment tab in the top menu. 

2. Select one of the commenting tools from the top ribbon, located in the Annotate and Markup sections. There are also options for adding file and audio attachments on the right-hand side of the ribbon.

Comment Tab

3. Use the selected tool to annotate/mark up your PDF as necessary. As you use each tool, more options for editing the comment will appear in the top ribbon.

A comment that was placed on a PDF document using the Note tool is shown below as an example.

Sample note


1. Click the Comments icon in the left-hand menu. The Comments panel will appear with a detailed list of all of the comments that were made in the document, organized by page.

Comments panel


Located at the top of the Comments panel are buttons that allow you to:

Expand or Collapse all of the comments Expand or Collapse all of the comments

filter Comments Filter comments

Sort comments by type, page, author, etc. Sort comments by type, page, author, etc.

Search comments Search text within the comments

More comment options See more options


2. Click on a comment to view it in the document. If the comment is text-based, you can also edit that text directly in the panel.

Editing a Comment

To manage a comment further, right-click on it. A menu will appear with options that depend on the type of annotation that was selected, including Reply, Delete Annotation, Set Status, and Properties.

Comment options


A comment summary is a report that can be used to display the comments that have been left on a document. This is particularly helpful if you want to print the PDF with the comments in place and gives you the ability to choose how the document and comments are displayed together. An example page from a comment summary is shown below.

Sample comment summary

Creating a Comment Summary

1. Click the Comment tab in the top menu.

2. Select Create Comment Summary, located in the Comment Processing section of the top ribbon. A Summarizing Comments window will load.

Create Comment Summary button

3. Choose one of the available comment presentation styles. When you select a style, a graphic will display to show you what the style will look like.

Choosing Comment Summary Options

4. Modify any additional page/comment/print settings as desired.

5. To open the comment summary as a new file in Power PDF, click OK. This can be saved and printed later. To skip saving the file and go directly to print, click Print Comment Summary