Managing Power PDF Settings

The section describes how to adjust various settings within Kofax Power PDF, both for the application itself and for individual files.

1. Open the file in Power PDF.

2. Click File in the top menu.

File tab in top menu of Power PDF


3. In the Info tab, click the Properties dropdown menu and select Advanced Properties.

Accessing the Advanced Properties option


4. A Document Properties window will open. Click the Initial View tab.

A snapshot of the Document Properties window with the Initial View tab open


5. Determine how you would like the file and the Power PDF application to appear when the file is first opened using the options in the Document, Window, and Hide sections.

6. When you are done, click OK.

1. Click the View tab in the top menu.

View tab in top menu of Power PDF


2. Click the Change Skin dropdown.

Change Skin button in Power PDF


3. Select which skin/theme you would like for Power PDF.

Available themes in Power PDF


4. A message window will appear that says that Power PDF must be restarted for the changes to take effect. Click OK.

A warning message that Power PDF must be restarted for new theme to take effect


5. When you are ready, close the Power PDF application. Make sure you save any work that you have been doing first!

6. Re-open the Power PDF application. The application should now appear with the new theme that you previously chose.

1. Right-click on the left-hand toolbar. A menu will appear with a list of all of the possible toolbar icons, with checkmarks denoting icons that are currently being displayed.

Tool menu in Power PDF


2. To make a toolbar icon visible, click on it so that a checkmark appears next to the icon's name. To remove a toolbar icon, click on it to remove the checkmark. If you'd like to return the toolbar to Power PDF's default settings, click the Reset Panels option.

1. Click File in the top menu.

File tab in top menu of Power PDF


2. Click Options toward the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Options button in Power PDF


3. An Options window will appear where you can adjust Power PDF's settings for things like Accessibility, Commenting, Forms, etc.

Options window in Power PDF


4. When you are done, click OK to save your changes.