Project Management using TuftsProjects

TuftsProjects is a web-based tool for managing projects, building plans, managing resources, and allocating time.

You can use TuftsProjects to accomplish your tasks and bring visibility to your collective projects. TuftsProjects uses Team Dynamix software.

To get started with TuftsProjects, go to Faculty and staff have access to TuftsProjects, students can request access by contacting

Log in screen for TuftsProjects

To access TuftsProjects:

  1.  Navigate to
  1. Sign in with your Tufts Username (ex. ljumbo01) and Tufts Password.
  1. Click Sign In.

Menu bar in TuftsProjectsImportant features to be familiar with:

  • Applications Menu The applications menu: Use this to open tabs. For example, you can use this button to open the "My Work," "Projects/Workplaces," and "Analysis" functions.
  • Refresh buttonThe refresh button: Use this button to update your screen with the latest information. For example, when you create a new project, it doesn't appear immediately in your menus. Pressing the refresh button will cause it to appear!
  • Tabs on the TuftsProjects Interface Tabs: Clicking any application in the applications menu causes a new tab to open. This tab will remain open until you close it (even if you log out). Tabs allow for convenient access to applications and can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.