Reviewing the End-User Digest Email


EndUser Digest

An End User Digest is a summary email from that you receive daily before 9:00 am. It contains a list of the suspected spam that has been filtered in the previous 24 hours. Opening the End User Digest displays an email listing of the suspected spam messages.

  • View opens the email from within the Proofpoint server so that it can be safely read. By reading the content, you can determine whether or not it is spam.
  • Release releases the email from the Proofpoint quarantine and delivers it to your inbox. (Note: if you have a Junk E-mail or spam filter enabled on your desktop mail client such as Outlook, the filter may also place the released email into a Junk folder. Consequently, if you do not see the released email in your inbox, check your mail client's Junk folder.)
  • Safelist releases the email into your inbox and places the sender on a safelist so that subsequent emails from the sender arrive in your inbox. A safelist is also known as an allowlist (as opposed to blocked senders).
  • Not Spam releases the email into your inbox and sends a notification indicating that the email was not spam. Future messages that are similar to that message will not be filtered out as spam.
  • Score places spam on a scale from 1 to 100; the higher the score, the higher the probability that the message is spam.

Other options

Located at the top of the End User Digest email are four additional links.

EndUser Digest2

  • Request New Summary Digest sends you an updated Summary Digest reflecting all of your quarantined email plus any email filtered since your last digest was sent.
  • Request Safe/Blocked Senders List sends a summary of all of your Safe and Blocked Senders. The summary includes further links to add or delete senders.
  • Manage My Account opens a web page that accesses your account on the Proofpoint Protection Server. You may view quarantined messages, access your safe/blocked senders list, and carry out other management functions.
  • Help opens a help page that encompasses many of the topics covered in this FAQ.