Create and Edit a Project

When you are working with Qualtrics, you'll first create a project.

Rarely, when you are working on your project, you may want to consider functionality such as a Tufts login or implementing completely anonymous responses for research. When you're done making your survey, don't forget to make it accessible! This is required by the Tufts digital accessibility policy. Accessibility, Tufts login, and more are covered in the page Tufts Policies and Best Practices.

Create a Project - This link is a step by step guide which demonstrates how to create a new project, both from scratch and from an existing project.
  • Creating Questions - Once you've created a project, you're ready to start building your survey! This page explains how to add, delete, copy, and edit questions in the Edit Survey tab.
  • Question Types Guide - With over 100 ways to ask a question in Qualtrics, the possibilities are limitless. This page provides an overview of the 18 primary question categories.
  • Format Questions - Once you've created a question, you can format it to fit your survey. On this page you will learn how to change the question type, add answer choices, enable validation, and use question shortcuts.
  • Format Answer Choices - You send out a survey to get answers. Presenting answer choices so that respondents can provide actionable information is a crucial step when creating your survey. In this tutorial you will learn about the settings available for individual answer choices and how to adjust answer choice presentation.