Transfer Ownership of a Project

Should you transfer ownership? You would likely transfer ownership if you're no longer working on the project or if you're leaving Tufts. If your goal is for another user to work with you on the project and have full permissions, you can instead add the user as a collaborator. See Inviting Coworkers to Work on Your Project.

To transfer ownership of a Qualtrics project, please email your request to with:

  • The name of the project 
  • The person you want to transfer ownership to.
  • If you are requesting that a survey be transferred to you, you will need to include permission from the current survey owner.

Once ownership is transferred, you will be completely removed from the project. If you will still be working on the project, the new owner can add you back on to the survey as a collaborator if necessary. See Inviting Coworkers to Work on Your Project