Distribute a Survey

Once you have activated your survey, there are two methods for distributing your survey.  Using an Anonymous Survey Link and using The Qualtrics Mailer.  The following links provide step by step instructions on both methods for distributing your survey.  Click on each topic to open the content.

There are two methods for distributing your survey: using an Anonymous Survey Link and using the Qualtrics Mailer.

  • A Single Survey Link
    • This is a basic hyperlink used to take your survey; anyone with the link can take your survey.
    • This link may be distributed by pasting it into an email or onto a website. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to take the survey.  Because this link by default allows anyone with the link to take your survey, it is also called an "anonymous link". This page will explain how to create and use the anonymous survey link.
  • The Qualtrics Mailer
    Please note that this method sends an email from the Qualtrics website, not from your own Outlook. If you wish to send your survey to an eList, you'll use the single survey link above.
    • The Qualtrics Mailer provides a convenient way to distribute your survey to specific groups of people. You will upload or create a list of user's email addresses in Qualtrics, and Qualtrics will automatically send an email with the survey to each user. Each user will get a specific individual link, such as https://yourSurvey/Bob and https://yourSurvey/Sally.
    • This method also provides a way to automatically send reminders and thank yous to participants.
    • To use the Qualtrics mailer, you'll need to create a contact list in Qualtrics.
    •  On this page you will learn the basics of how to use the Qualtrics Mailer.

If you'd like respondents to be anonymous when they take your survey, Qualtrics has a standard anonymous link distribution option. This is the default option for distributing surveys and will create one single link that you can widely distribute. You will only know who the respondent is if you ask them in the survey. Click here to see how to create an anonymous link for distribution.

This option will work for almost all use cases. However, the default anonymous link distribution still records a small amount of information (such as the respondent's IP address and approximate geographic location).

However, if you need your survey responses to be entirely scrubbed of all identifying information - for example, if your survey is for research purposes and this is required by the IRB, you can fully scrub your survey data even of IP address and location with the Anonymizing Responses setting. This section walks you through enabling the Anonymizing Responses setting.

Note: Please note that using Qualtrics' GeoIP Logic will not work correctly with this strict Anonymize Responses setting enabled. GeoIP Logic relies on the respondent's location information, but Anonymizing Responses strips out the respondent's location information.

Qualtrics Offline Surveys is an application available for iOS and Android that allows you to have respondents take a survey on your mobile device without an Internet connection. Responses for a survey can be collected in the app on your device, and then uploaded back into Tufts Qualtrics when you have an Internet connection. This app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones.

  1. Contact the TTS service desk at (617) 627-3376 or it@tufts.edu to request that they enable these two features in your Qualtrics account: Use Offline Mobile App and Access API.
  2. Once these features have been enabled, follow these steps to download and set up the Qualtrics Offline App.
  3. Next, follow these steps to start collecting and uploading responses to Qualtrics surveys while offline.