View Survey Results

Once your survey has distributed, it is now time to start reviewing and reporting on the results you receive. Qualtrics has many options: You can view your responses as a data spreadsheet, easily create graphs and visualizations (including live reports accessed via a URL to share with colleagues), or simply download your results to an Excel spreadsheet.

In the Data section of Qualtrics, you can view all your responses as a spreadsheet. You can also download your responses as an Excel spreadsheet to use with your own Excel program. On this page, you will learn how to view record responses as well as responses in progress.

The Reports section is designed to help you create quick, useful reports from your data. You can create simple tables, bar charts, pie charts, and other types of graphs analyzing all of the responses you've received. These reports are ideal for producing a standard report of your whole survey with basic filters and customization.  The graphs and tables in a report will update live to reflect all current responses.

On this page you will learn about how to create, navigate, and share quick reports.