Reserve Tufts: Room Scheduling


Through Reserve Tufts, Tufts students, faculty, and staff can find available spaces for events, browse other events that have been scheduled at the University, and find information about event services. Reserve Tufts is powered by EMS, which is owned by Accruent.

How to Use Reserve Tufts

Reserve Tufts users are split into two groups: Everyday Users and Points of Contact.

  • Everyday Users - People who only use Reserve Tufts to reserve or request spaces. The majority of users fall under this category. Everyday Users can find spaces for their events through the Reserve Tufts Web App.
  • Points of Contact (POCs) - People who are in charge of managing requests to use particular spaces. POCs manage their spaces through the Reserve Tufts Web Client (Note: Must be accessed via the Tufts VPN if you are not using a secure on-campus internet connection).

The Booking Process

If you are an Everyday User and you need space for an event, you can find it through the Reserve Tufts Web App. Some spaces can be reserved immediately. If they are available, you can reserve them. Other spaces are managed by a Point of Contact (POC). If they are available, you can request to use them. The POC for the space will review your request, then confirm or deny it.

Flowchart of the booking process

An event is anything that has been scheduled through Reserve Tufts. The details of every event fall under two categories: reservation details and booking details.

  • Reservation details are the "who" and the "what" of an event, meaning who booked it and the title of the event.
  • Booking details are the "when" and the "where" of an event, meaning the location and the date/time.

Every event in Reserve Tufts will have a set of reservation details associated with it and at least one set of booking details. Recurring events - ones that are scheduled to occur in more than one location or time - will have multiple sets of booking details.

Example reservation and booking details

Spaces can be organized in multiple ways in Reserve Tufts, including buildings, areas, and views.

  • Building - A collection of rooms that are housed in the same structure (e.g. 200 Boston Ave in Medford).
Clip art of a building
  • Area - A collection of buildings (e.g. Boston Campus).
Clip art of a collection of buildings
  • View - A collection of related rooms. They do NOT have to be in the same building (e.g. “Rooms I Manage”).
A collection of rooms
  • Point of Contact – A person who manages requests to use particular spaces.
  • Everyday User – A person who makes a reservation/request through the Reserve Tufts Web App.
  • Contact – The person to reach out to if there is a question about the event. May or may not be the Everyday User.
  • Group – Department/organization that the Everyday User can book an event for (e.g. TTS Staff). This can include student groups.
  • User Defined Fields – Fields used to collect or display information about a booking or space. Users may be prompted to input or review these details through the reservation or request process.
    • E.g. Event description
    • E.g. Is food being served
    • E.g. POC contact details