Editing an Event

It is possible to make modifications to an event after it has been scheduled. You can modify an event’s reservation details, booking details, or both.

Changes that are made to a booking for a room that requires approval will move that request back to tentative status, even for requests that were previously approved. As with the original request, you will receive an email to say whether your new request has been approved or denied.

You can find events to edit using the My Bookings section of the home page or the My Events page. For more information, see the page on Viewing Your Events.

Once you find the event you want to edit, click on the title of the event to bring up the event details page (shown below).

Event Details page
(1) View reservation details and attachments.
(2) Edit reservation details.
(3) Edit/cancel individual bookings.
(4) Create a new booking for the event.
(5) Access additional booking tools.


1. Click Edit Reservation Details in the event details page.

Edit Reservation Details

2. Edit the reservation details as necessary.

Save Reservation Details

3. Click Save Reservation Details when you are finished.

Caution! Cancelling a reservation will automatically cancel all of the bookings that are associated with the event!

1. Click Cancel Reservation in the Reservation Tasks menu of the event details page. A Cancel Reservation window will appear.

Cancel Reservation button

2. Use the Cancel Reason dropdown menu to indicate why the reservation is being cancelled.

3. Use the text box to include additional Cancel Notes, if necessary.

4. Click Yes, Cancel Reservation.

Cancel Reservation window


1. In the event details page, click the Edit button next to the booking that you want to make changes to.

The edit button for booking details

2. A Room Request page will load with information about your booking.

Room Request page with booking details

3. Enter a new date and start/end times for your event as necessary. You can also adjust the search filters.

Selecting new date and time

4. Click Search. Rooms will appear that match your search criteria.

5. If the room you originally booked is available for your new date and time, you can click Update Booking. If the original room is not available, go to Step 6.

6. If there is a different room that is available and you would like to reserve/request it, click the Add button next to the room you want to use. 

Adding a new room

Note: If no available rooms are appearing, you may need to adjust the location filter. To do so, click on the Add/Remove button next to Locations.

Add/Remove button for Locations filter

7. Click Update Booking.

1. Go to the Bookings section of the event details page.

2. To cancel an individual booking, click the red Cancel button (Cancel Booking button) for that booking. You can also click Cancel Bookings to select multiple bookings at once. A Cancel Booking window will appear.

Options for cancelling individual or multiple bookings

3. Use the Cancel Reason dropdown menu to indicate why the booking is being cancelled.

4. Use the text box to include additional Cancel Notes, if necessary.

5. Click Yes, Cancel Booking(s).

Cancel Booking window