Managing Your Account

To access your account settings in the Reserve Tufts Web App:

1. Click on your profile name in the top right corner.

2. Select My Account from the dropdown menu.

My Account button


A delegate is a person who can reserve spaces on your behalf.

How to Assign Delegates

1. Click on the Delegates tab.

2. In the Add New Delegate field, start typing the name of the person that you want to assign as a delegate. Suggestions will appear from the Tufts Directory.

Adding a new delegate

3. Click on the name of the person that you want to select as a delegate.

4. The new delegate will appear in the Your Saved Delegates section. The person who you assigned as a delegate can now schedule/edit events on your behalf.

Saved Delegates section

Note: To remove someone from your delegates list, click on the Remove button (Remove buttonnext to their name.

Reservation Templates are used to search for available spaces in Reserve Tufts. You can personalize these templates by selecting default criteria to use in your searches, thereby speeding up the process.

How to Personalize Your Reservation Templates

1. Click on the Personalization tab.

2. Select Templates.

The Personalization tab of the My Account page

3. Click on the template that you would like to personalize (e.g. Boston Space Request).

Template Personalization page

4. A page will load with personalization options. You can set default search criteria for the template here.

Note: These are only defaults. If you need to, you can change these criteria when you are actually searching for spaces using this template in the future.

5. Click Save Changes when you are done.

Reserve Tufts gives users the ability to select Favorite Rooms. When searching for available spaces for an event, you can filter your results to only include your Favorite Rooms.

How to Manage Your Favorite Rooms

1. Click on the My Favorite Rooms tab.

2. In the search field, start typing in the name/number of a room. Suggestions will appear in a dropdown menu.

Selecting Favorite Rooms

3. Click on a room to select it as a favorite.

4. The room will appear in the Your Saved Favorite Rooms section.

Saved Favorite Rooms section

Note: If you want to remove a room from your favorites, click on the Remove button (Remove button) next to the room’s name.