Recurring Reservations

The Recurrence feature in Reserve Tufts is used for events that will occur during more than one date/time. Recurring reservations can only be made within one reservation template (e.g. the Boston Space Request template). If you have a recurring event that will require space in more than one template, you will need to create multiple reservations.

Obtaining space(s) for a recurring reservation involves:

  • Step 1: Searching for Spaces by Date and Time
  • Step 2: Filtering Your Results (optional)
  • Step 3: Reserving/Requesting Rooms

1. Log in to the Reserve Tufts Web App.

2. In the My Reservation Templates section of the home page, determine where you would like to book space. Click book now next to the appropriate template. (If you want more information about a space, click the about button.)

Book Now button

3. A Room Request page will load. The left-hand window can be used to input search criteria and filter your results.

4. Click Recurrence.

Recurrence button

5. The Recurrence window will open.

Recurrence Window

6. Use the Repeats dropdown menu to select the type of recurrence pattern you want to set. You can select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Random.

  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly – Use this if your repeating event will follow a consistent pattern (e.g. every Tuesday for the next month).
  • Random – Use this if your repeating event will NOT follow a consistent patter (e.g. Thursday of this week, the following Wednesday, and the following Friday).

7. Provide the rest of the requested information about your recurrence.

8. Click Apply Recurrence. Your occurrences will be listed in the Date & Time section of the left-hand menu.

List of recurrences

9. Click Search.

10. A list of available rooms will appear in the Room Search Results section of the page. Results will be separated into two categories:

  • Rooms You Can Reserve – Rooms that appear here do not require approval. If they are open, you can book them.
  • Rooms You Can Request – Rooms that appear here do require approval. If they are open, you can request to use them. Someone will review your request and either approve or deny it.
Room Availability Column

In the Available column, data is provided about how many of your occurrences could be held in each room. In the picture above for example, an availability of "4/4" for the TAB Atrium means that all four of the occurrences for this event could be held in that room. The availability of "2/4" for Cabot 702 means it can only accommodate two out of the four occurrences.

Filtering by Locations or Features

1. Click on Add/Remove next to Locations or Features in the left-hand menu. A popup window will appear.

Location and Feature filters

2. Check boxes next to the buildings/features that suit your needs. Only spaces that match those criteria will be included in your results. The location filtering window is shown here as an example.

Selecting Search Filters

3. Click the Update button toward the bottom of the window to apply the filters to your search results.

Filtering by Number of People

1. Go to the Number of People section in the left-hand menu.

2. Click into the text box.

3. Enter the maximum number of people that could be attending your event.

Number of people filter

4. Click somewhere outside of the text box. The search results will be updated to include only rooms that can accommodate your number of guests.

Filtering by Favorite Rooms

To use this feature, you must have favorites set up in the My Favorite Rooms section of your account settings. For more information, see the Managing Your Account page.

1. In the Room Search Results section, click the box next to Favorite Rooms.

Favorites Rooms filter

2. Your search results will be filtered to include only available rooms from your favorites.

1. Click on the Add button (Add buttonnext to each room that you would like to add to your event.

Note: If you need more information about a room, including the Point of Contact (POC) for the room or its Space Use and Reservation Policies, click on the name of the room. 

Room info window

2. For each room you add, provide the requested information in the Attendance & Setup Type window and click Add Room.

Attendance and Setup Window

3. Added rooms will be listed in the Selected Rooms section at the top of the page.

Selected room for a recurring event

4. Continue to add rooms to your request by clicking on the Add button for available rooms that you would like to use. Do this until all of your occurrences are satisfied.

5. Click on Next Step toward the top right of the page.

Next Step Button

6. Complete the Reservation Details form.

Reservation Details
  • Event Name – Provide a short, descriptive title for your event.
  • Event Type – Use the dropdown menu to specify what kind of event this is.
  • Group – ­Select the group that is holding this event.
  • 1st Contact – Select the person who should be contacted if there are any questions or issues regarding the event.
  • 1st Contact Phone – Enter the 1st contact’s phone number.
  • 1st Contact Fax (optional) – Enter the 1st contact’s fax number.
  • 1st  Contact Email Address – Enter the 1st contact’s email address.
  • Attachments (optional) – Use this to attach any additional documents to your request, including any required forms for the venue, service contracts, etc. You can click on Select your files or drag and drop them here.
  • Event Description – Provide a detailed description of your event.
  • Do you plan to serve food at your event? – Choose Yes or No.
  • Additional Information (optional) – Provide any additional information about your event.
Event Description

7. Click Create Reservation.

Create a Reservation button

If you requested a room that requires approval, you will receive an email that summarizes your request. This is not a confirmation. The Point of Contact for the space will send you a separate email to notify you if your request has been approved or denied.