The Web App

Through the Reserve Tufts Web App, Tufts students, faculty, and staff can reserve space for their events, see other events that have been scheduled at the University, and find information about event services. For a quick overview, watch the Reserve Tufts introductory video.

To access the Reserve Tufts Web App, go to

Once you log in, the Reserve Tufts Web App home page will look similar to what is shown below. The reservation templates that are listed will depend on the booking permissions you have been given.

The Web App Interface
(1) Return to the Reserve Tufts home page, access your reservation templates, or view your previously-scheduled events.
(2) Browse through events that have been scheduled at Tufts through Reserve Tufts.
(3) Access information about spaces and services.
(4) Get help, manage your account settings, or sign out.
(5) Start looking for available spaces for your event or get information about a particular space. (The templates that are listed vary by user.)
(6) See your upcoming events.


Spaces where you have permission to make requests will be listed here. To search for available rooms for your event, click book now. To see more information about a space, click about. For more information on how to reserve a space, go to the page on One-Time Reservations.

A list of reservation templates


The My Bookings section is one way that you can view your events in Reserve Tufts. Choose to view the calendar by day or by month. You can also search for events by name or location. Clicking on the name of an event will bring up booking details. For more information, go to the Viewing Your Events page.

The My Bookings section of the home page