Mac: Locate and Restore a File or Folder

Video: Find and Recover a Snapshot on a Mac (2:08)

  1. On the Menu bar of the Finder click Go.
  2. Select Connect to Server.
  3. Type your server address (or select the address from the Favorites Server list).
  4. Add /~snapshot at the end of the address.mac snapshot
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Double click on the desired snapshot folder.mac snapshot2
  7. Find the file or folder you wish to recover. (Note: See About Snapshots for a description of each folder and when each snapshot was taken.)
  8. Right click on the version of the file or folder you would like to restore.
  9. Select Copy "folder name".
  10. Right click into the alternate location.
  11. Select Paste Item.
  12. Verify the file(s) are accurate.