PC: Locate and Restore a File or Folder

Video: Find and Recover a Snapshot on a Windows PC (2:24)

  1. Navigate to the folder  on the P:\, Q:\, or R:\ drive that held your deleted file or folder.
  2. Click into the address bar.
  3. Type \~snapshot at the end of the address.Snapshot 1
  4. Press Enter.
  5. View list of snapshots.
  6. Open the desired snapshot folder. (Note: See About Snapshots for a description of each folder and when each snapshot was taken.)
  7. Right click on the version of the file or folder you would like to restore.
  8. Select copy.
  9. Locate the network folder (outside of Snapshot) where the file or folder should reside.
  10. Right click and select Paste.
  11. Open to verify the file(s) are accurate