Creating a Dashboard

A dashboard is a collection of several visualizations in one place. After you've created one or more worksheets with visualizations, you can combine them in a dashboard, add interactivity, and much more. 

Tip: You do not build or create visualizations in dashboards. You use dashboards to showcase visualizations you’ve already created in worksheets.

Here is an example of a dashboard:

Dashboard has 2 charts and text

Live Example: For a dashboard with tabs to switch between different visualizations, check out Tufts' Diversity and Inclusion dashboard, under "Diversity Overview" here.

Tip: Data in sheets and dashboards is connected; when you modify a sheet, any dashboards containing it change, and vice versa. Both sheets and dashboards update with the latest available data from the data source.

Like worksheets, dashboards are created in new tabs of your workbook, and you can create as many dashboards as you'd like. Learn more about dashboards with Tableau’s Dashboard tutorial here.