Further Tableau Resources

There is a lot of information about Tableau for you to look through! There are several short classes offered by Tufts, and a wealth of fantastic walkthroughs offered by Tableau itself. As you expand your learning, experiment with Tableau to see how you can apply Tableau to your work.

Tufts has several Tableau classes offered on a regular basis that you can take.

  • Introductory 2 hour class: The TTS Training Department provides a beginner training session.
  • Tableau training sessions are also run by the Tufts Data Lab.
  • Calculations in Tableau: The TTS Training Department provides a webinar introducing calculations.
  • Tableau 10 Bootcamp walks users through using Tableau Version 10 - from the basics to more advanced calculations.
    • It's available in hard copy and also via Tisch Library's Safari Book Collection.
    • The sample files associated with the book are available here: Tableau 10 Bootcamp Sample files

Information is dispersed to the Tufts user community via the Tableau elist: tableau-users-group@elist.tufts.edu 

Tableau Desktop isn’t supported by the Tufts help desk. If you need assistance with Tableau Desktop, refer to the Online Resources below – Tableau's Forum is an excellent place to post questions.

If you need assistance with Tableau Server, please contact your Tableau Site Admin. If you need assistance getting a site set up, gaining access to a site, or granting permissions for your site to other Tufts personnel, contact dwbi@tufts.edu.

There is a wealth of Tableau resources, videos, and walkthroughs available freely online.

Note: Some of these options will require you to create a free account on Tableau.com

Beyond Tableau's own website, there are a few other good places to look as you start your journey into Tableau.

  • There are hundreds of videos on LinkedIn Learning regarding Tableau. Remember that as a Tufts employee, you have an account to LinkedIn Learning – don’t create a new one!
  • The Tableau Public Gallery is great for inspiration. Browse or search visualizations by keyword. See something you like? You can download a visualization and take a peek under the hood to see how it was accomplished.
  • Visit the Calculation Reference Library for a list of common calculations.