Submitting a Standard Change Request

Standard changes are not common. These are changes to services that are generally routine or reoccurring, well understood, and low risk.

The change request form for Normal and Standard changes are the same; however, standard changes are requested via the template for that specific standard change. The template for the specific standard change will auto-populate some or all of the information in the change request form, and the change will be pre-approved by CAB.

If there is already a standard change template for the change you wish to make, follow the below steps. However, if you follow the below steps and do not see the standard change you wish to make, instead follow the Creating a New Standard Change Template instructions in the next section.

  1. Log into TechConnect.
  2. From the Change section of the Main Navigation menu, click Create New.Create New is at the top of the Change Sidebar
  3. From the Change types screen, click Standard.Standard is the first option
  4. Select the department that will be implementing the standard change.
    Departments could be EA or EI, for example.
  5. From the list of standard changes for that department, select the specific standard change that will be implemented.A list of change templates for that department will appear
  6. You will be taken to the change request form with some or all steps already filled in.

Continue with the change request. See the sub-sections of the Submitting a Normal Change Request page for more details and a walkthrough on each section.

Any reoccurring low-risk change could be added as a standard change request template, pending approval.

Before being submitted for approval as a standard change request template, the change must have been logged in the TechConnect Change Management Module as a Normal change at least once.

Candidates for standard changes must receive initial approval from CAB. After CAB has approved a standard change once, each time it is logged, it only needs Functional Manager approval. To submit a candidate for a standard change:

  • First, the change must be logged at least once as a Normal change
  • Once the Normal change has been logged and completed, send an email to with the normal RFC# so that it can be reviewed as a standard change candidate at an upcoming CAB meeting for approval.
    • You can find the RFC# in the Number field at the top of the change request. RFC number is the first field on the page
  • If CAB determines that the change is appropriate as a standard change, the TechConnect team will convert the RFC to a template

Once this is complete, you will be notified and will be able to select your change from a menu of standard changes.