Control and Track Inventory in TouchNet

Use these steps to control and track inventory (e.g., number of seats for an event, or limit the amount of objects to be sold):

  1. Once logged in to TouchNet, on the main menu bar, click Applications > Marketplace.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Marketplace Home > [the Marketplace location where your store will be located, such as Arts & Sciences] > Stores > [your location, such as Art Gallery] > Store Settings >Products.
  3. Click the Product Name. The Product Settings page displays.
  4. On the main page for the product, scroll down to Product Settings area and locate the Track Inventory field.

    Track inventory field
  5. Use this field to track your inventory or the number of seats available for an event. If Yes is selected, the current remaining quantity (remaining from the the initial inventory quantity) is reflected.
  6. Make any changes.
  7. Scroll down a little and click Save.

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Video steps (1:36):