Enable or Disable a Product in TouchNet

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If you run out of stock or a product is not going to be available for a stretch of time, you have the ability to enable or disable products. Disabling does not remove products, but stops them from being visible to the general public. This is a useful option for products that repeat seasonally but require minor changes.



  1. Once logged in to TouchNet, on the main menu bar, click Applications > Marketplace.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Marketplace Home > Your Marketplace location (ex. Arts & Sciences) > Stores > your Store (ex. Art Gallery) > Store Settings >Products.Your Store's Products page appears.
  3. Locate the product you'd like to remove from view in your store. Generally products are enabled for both Web and Mobile.
  4. On the far right side, click/hover over the gear for your product. A pop-up menu opens.
  5. Make a selection, such as Change Web Availability > Disable. The Are you sure you want to do this message appears.

    Disable product status
  6. Click OKThe change is made immediately, but give the page a few seconds to reflect the change.
  7. Make other changes, such as Change Mobile Availability > Disable, as needed.