Enable or Disable a Store in TouchNet

Enabling or disabling a store makes the store visible or invisible. If you had an annual event that you sold tickets to, you could set the store up, then enable it before the event, and disable it after the event, year after year.

To enable or disable a store:

  1. Once logged in to TouchNet, on the main menu bar, click Applications > Marketplace.
  2. On the left navigation menu, click > [the Marketplace location where your store will be located, such as Arts & Sciences] > Stores > [your location, such as Art Gallery] > Store Settings > General. The General Settings display.
  3. On the main page, near the top, navigate to General Settings > Store Status field. The store will display as currently Enabled or Disabled. By default, new stores are initially offline.store status field
  4. In the Store Status field, click the Manage Status link.Both Stores and Mobile Stores can be Enabled, Disabled, or placed in Preview mode. When a store is Enabled, shoppers can use the store. When a store is Disabled, it will not appear in the Marketplace. Preview mode can be used to view how a store will look and function before you bring the store online. Stores in preview mode are not available to shoppers and do not appear in the Marketplace. Once placed in preview mode, a store can only be viewed by using the View link on the Store General Settings page.
  5. Change the Store Status (and Mobile Store Status if needed) field/s. The "Are you sure.." message displays.
  6. Click OK. The store status is immediately updated.

Optional: In the Store Outage Message field, you can add a brief store outage message, such as "We will reopen in 24 hours." Click Save.

If you prefer the changes to be scheduled to take place at a particular date and time in the future, in the Schedule Status Update area, make changes and then click Save Schedule.