TouchNet Login Tips

One of the most common issues for TouchNet users/store owners is trouble with passwords and logging in.

Chances are you've seen the following error when logging in to Touchnet: The credentials you provided cannot be determined to be authentic.

Warning message saying credentials could not be determined to be authentic

This is a generic error that means something is wrong with how you are logging in.

That may be one or more of the following:

  • You are copying and pasting your login name or password and have copied an extra space
  • You forgot to add c21525. to your username (using trieda01 instead of c21525.trieda01, for example)
  • Your password has expired (they need to change every 90 days)
  • You are locked out from too many (6) failed attempts - send an email to and request your password be reset
  • Your connection timed out (15 minutes) and you are trying to log back in in the same browser tab (must always close old tab and select a new one with the correct link- see below)
  • You are not using the correct link to login -
  • You let your browser save your password and now can’t log in with an updated password.

Here are some TIP reminders:

  • Never allow a web browser to save your TouchNet password. If you do, you will not be able to reset your TouchNet password when it expires in 90 days.
  • Always login at
  • Don't copy and paste your login or password - type them each out in the login screen. It's very easy to copy an extra space and this can cause your login to fail.
  • Note that there is a period between C21525 and your Tufts Username (c21525.trieda01, for example)
  • If you created a shortcut or bookmark for the TouchNet login page, make sure the bookmark link is, NOT the long link created by the system
  • When all else fails, try a different browser (incorrect login may be cached in your browser)

If you've followed the suggestions and tips above and still can't log in, send an email to