User Roles Defined


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uStore Clerk:

  • Add and edit products in their assigned store and move products among categories

uStore Fulfiller with Refund/Cancel Rights:

  • Fulfill orders
  • Refund orders
  • Cancel orders For orders made with an ACH payment method, override the waiting period and proceed with fulfillment

uStore Fulfiller:

  • Fulfill orders

uStore Accountant:

  • View Marketplace financial reports for the store Note: Accountants cannot make any changes to store site settings or assign user roles

uStore Manager:

  • Can do all of the above
  • Manage general store settings
  • Bring stores online and take stores offline (and schedule status changes)
  • Configure text messages
  • Configure all aspects of the store and products, including, but not limited to:
    • Activate the Marketplace tax service and configure which states use this service
    • Grant the store clerk, fulfiller with refund/cancel rights, and fulfiller user roles to other users
    • View Marketplace financial reports for the store


uPay Payment Clerk:

  • Can search for payments
  • Cancel a payment (only applies to recurring payments and when applicable)
  • Process a partial or full refund for s specific transaction

uPay Accountant:

  • Can view all financial reports
  • Download reports in CSV format

uPay Site Mangagers:

  • Can do all of the above
  • Create and manage uPay sites