FAQ / More Information

In ECC, an annual certification includes payroll from September 1 to August 31 and a quarterly certification includes payroll for quarters beginning September 1.

The dates of the annual and quarterly certifications are called a Period of Performance and are followed by a pre-review period, then a certification period.

ECC pulls from PeopleSoft. Anything that needs to be updated needs to be updated in PeopleSoft, and then ECC automatically will have the new information (please give the system time to automatically propagate the information from PeopleSoft to ECC).

Department and People data flows from PeopleSoft to ECC, where ECC then makes Payroll and Project statements.

These three PDFs have the same information as this website as specifically needed for a role and/or task.

Please be sure you’re looking in the correct place:

A payroll statement lists what projects (both sponsored and non-sponsored accounts) that the employee’s salary was directly charged to or cost shared to during the annual period and the respective payroll information for each project.

A project statement lists all staff personnel (non-faculty and non-PI) that were directly charged or cost shared during the quarterly period and the respective payroll information for each person.

An employee will only appear on either their own payroll statement OR on a project statement – Never both for the same annual period.

For any other questions or concerns, please e-mail ECC@tufts.edu.